Time marches on… and with it so does technology.  Within our collection of 20th Century clothing, uniforms and costumes, we see the introduction of some man-made fabrics as the fashions change to keep up with new ideas and the latest fabric choices available.  Every decade from the 1900s into the 1980s.  Both military and Civilian worlds.

From the beginning of the century, man tackles World War One, and fashions at home reflect scarcity during wartime.  We have an extensive collection of Uniforms and clothing to reflect the variety seen from 1900-1920 and beyond.

During the Jazz age and into prohibition many start to alter their looks to reflect what they see on the silver screen, which will continue to lead fashion in decades to come. 
The onset of the World War Two, military uniform designs and home-front fashions change to meet what is available with rationing.

The Korean Conflict as well as 1960s America and the Vietnam War.

We are also able to provide clothing and military uniforms to portray most of the important events of the tumultuous 20th century-- every changing military uniform, emergency uniform, and POW clothing as well.  Police and Fire from many decades.  From the Edwardian era ("Titanic") of long skirts and top hats to the bell bottoms of the 1970s… we can dress the poor, middle, and upper class to suit your needs. 


Vietnam War American P.O.W. Uniforms as worn in the Hanoi Hilton
Field and Dress Uniforms of General George S. Patton
1910s - 1960s Alcatraz Prison and Guard Uniforms
Scores of WW1 Doughboy U.S. Army and U.S.M.C. Uniforms and gear
WW1 German Combat Uniforms 1915 - 1918