About us.


Historical Wardrobe is a veteran-owned business, which provides costuming rentals, design, research, and fabrication. Our frequent clients include Historical Filmmakers, Documentaries, Television, and Museum Film projects.

We own an extensive, broad and ever-growing rental inventory of more than 10,000+ pieces, and are always expanding and exploring new historical periods with authentic textiles and original patterns.

We cover all periods of history with primary emphasis on 1607-1980 -- and our stock includes both military uniforms & civilian clothing.  Our largest collections cover the American Revolutionary War era (1750 - 1800) and the American Civil War era (1850 - 1865)

Costume styles, patterns, and colors are all based on original garments, contemporary artwork, and primary resources.

If we don’t already have it in stock, we continuously fabricate new costumes with perfect authenticity but using our honest experience to provide perfection for the camera, while at the same time meeting all budgetary needs. We know production -- not just facts and fabrics.

We can also provide an experienced and professional Wardrobe Department with Designers, Stylists, Set Costumers, On-Set Dressers, and Stitchers.



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