18th Century

A Century of many changes -- especially in the clothing of the elite and common men and women…

From rich to poor, and those caught in between, our vast and ever-growing 18th century wardrobe collection will suit to fit nearly all.  If you are looking to dress your British soldiers in North America or George Washington's Continental Army (and General George himself!), we can outfit your entire Army.

From the early decade of Exploration in North America to the French & Indian War to the American Revolution and beyond.  Everything is built to fit the wearer as it would have during the 1700s, and we cater to almost all sizes. 

For women -- flounces of lace, trim, a great number of buttons, fur trimmed velvet, silks, printed cotton, linen, all readily available just as it was in the 18th century.  We dress to impress with all the correct form fitting layers for our ladies, including stays, panniers, petticoats, stockings, shifts, shoes, caps, and gowns. 

And for the fine gentlemen (or member of the Continental Congress) -- starched neck cloths, waistcoats, breeches, frocks, stockings, shoes, and chapeau to complete the ensemble!


The only Complete Set of Uniforms to represent the 29th Regiment of Foot as they appeared at the Boston Massacre - March 5, 1770.
Colonel George Washington Uniform from the French & Indian War
General George Washington During the American Revolution
President George Washington's Inauguration Suit
British 23rd Regiment of Foot Grenadiers Uniforms
British 4th & 10th Regiment of Foot Rifle Company (Lexington Green) Uniforms
Scottish 72nd Highlander Regiment Uniforms
Benjamin Franklin's iconic brown velvet suit with fur collar
Complete Uniforms for Colonel Banestre Tarleton and his "British Legion"
Alexander Hamilton's Light Infantry Lt. Colonel's Uniform from 1781 Yorktown Siege
Hessian Uniforms and Mitre Caps to Uniform Several distinct German Regiments
Uniforms of the 1790s Legion of the United States.