The War of 1812 to the Mexican-American War… The Alamo to the OK Corral… The Wild West to The San Juan Hill... Along with our extensive American Civil War collection covering the North and the South.  We can cover every decade of the 19th Century with the ability to dress more than 100 Background and principals.

As the American frontier changed over the decades, so did the fashions.  Our current collection reflects these changes for men, women, and children for nearly all walks of life.  From the 1800 - 1820 Regency era with tail coats and empire-waist dresses… to the Reconstruction and Wild West era fashions of frock coats, top hats and bustle dresses, we are able to attire men, women, children and soldiers. 

Notably we have an extensive collection of military uniforms for the American Civil War, as well as the civilians that would have been living and working on the home front.  The majority of the clothing is made from natural fibers such as cotton, linen, wool or silk.   Our team has been able to fabricate our exclusive garments from original clothing and patterns to provide the most historically accurate touches possible -- such as hand sewn button holes, and hand top-stitching for camera close-ups.  We are also able to provide Western Native American clothing made from leather hides, based on the most up to date and accurate research available. 


19th Century Virginia Military Institute & West Point Cadet Coatees and Shakos
General Stonewall Jackson complete Uniform and Forage Caps - early and mid-war
General Robert E. Lee complete Uniform and hats
Generals U.S. Grant & William T. Sherman complete uniforms and hats
Mary Todd Lincoln dresses
Iconic John Wilkes Booth clothing from 1865
Complete Uniforms to dress more than 100 Confederates and 100 Union Soldiers - Head-to-Toe
Iconic Western Uniforms worn by George A. Custer at Little Big Horn
Uniforms of the U.S. Army's 7th Cavalry from the Battle of the Little Big Horn

Davey Crockett's famous "Alamo" vest

12 - Complete 1830s-1840s Santa Anna's Mexican Army Soldiers

Duplicates of clothing worn by Billy The Kid, including iconic Hat and Sweater -- as seen in his famous photo.